Saturday, October 22, 2011

My (New) Morning Coffee

It's one of the best ways to wake up in the morning. You curl your hands around the large mug, just properly sized to fit in your palms when you cup your hands together, warming your fingers around the bowl. The steam arising from the liquid's surface dances across your still bleary-eyed state. You close your eyes. Inhale. The rich, sweet, nutty, slightly chocolate-y, just a smudge of (dark) fruity, and undeniably coffee-y (and for me, a bit creamy). It's your morning cup o' Joe.

Where would we be without coffee?

Now, I'm not a coffee junkie. In fact, I really shouldn't be drinking it, according to Dr. D'Adamo. But I work hard, am active, and sometimes I just needed some added help to get out of bed in the morning. I take one mugful, in my large Gmunder Keramik cup from Austria, and savor it with half and half (guilty pleasure!) but more often vanilla almond milk. It's my one vice, aside from wine, and I abstain from it any and every other hour of the day, as it prevents me from sleeping otherwise. I've tried a bunch of brands out there, some "fresh" from my corner coffee shop, others from Italy. They smell fresh, or taste good, but I've found that sometimes there lacks a harmonious balance, a conversation at the least, from these sensory pleasures we derive from coffee...

'Til I recently re-met Peet. 

Family members used to send my parents Peet's Coffee years ago, before I graduated college and was still uninitiated when it comes to the morning coffee habit. I recently re-discovered it, specifically Cafe Domingo and Cafe Solano, two new medium-bodied varietals from this artisanal roaster... and I've fallen in love. In one of two ways. Click here for a $3.00 coupon!

These moist muffins are delicious split in half and warmed in the toaster. Smear with a smidge of salted butter, if you wish. The rich, chocolate notes in the coffee complement the chocolate in the muffins, and bring out the nuttiness of the almond flour and walnuts. So simple, yet so satisfying when you are looking for a (relatively) healthy breakfast on the go.

I've had a slew of pumpkin flesh to deal with recently - from soups, to pastas, and now... breakfast. Being gluten-free, I've had to be a little creative when making something sweet and delicious as an alternative to traditional pancakes. This is the thing, and when paired with a mug of Cafe Solano coffee, a bit fruity, with a hint of nut and sweet flower petals, the pumpkin really shines.

Disclosure for my dear readers. I received the Peet's coffee as a part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, not knowing how it would be received. All suggestions here are my own,  free of outside influence. 

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