Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A sweet sip to go along with a setting summer sun

Last fall, I visited Grgich Hills out in CA for a wine tasting and tour. Very much disappointed with the windowless room (I felt trapped in a basement) with tons of people around (I was a tourist, too -- but not as crazy as most the others!), I have kind of stayed away from their wines.

However -- earlier this summer, I had an opportunity to taste their Fume Blanc wine at a local restaurant. Why not, I thought?

I was utterly delighted -- and surprised! Having discovered sweet, dry wines earlier this year when travelling to Miraval over the Christmas holidays (yes, I was detoxing at a spa...and yes, still drinking, albeit in moderation!), I've been tracking some of my new favorites -- including Chateau Ste. Michelle's Columbia Valley riesling. I'm happy to say that Grgich's Fume Blanc is a new favorite, and a pleasant summer sip.

My time and place of choice? Sunset, sitting out on the lawn, overlooking the sea.

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