Monday, September 30, 2013

Marcella Hazan - Comfort Food for All


The world lost a magnificent woman yesterday.

Marcella Hazan was a woman after my own heart. A biologist by training (like me, er, ecologist here?), she forever changed how we all at home cooked, and cooked Italian dishes, for sure.

She was bold and confident enough to admonish Mario Batali for his risotto cooking technique. And her patience, simplicity, and passion for Italian cooking could never be overlooked.

Marcella has left a rather large impression on me. I grew up devouring her tomato sauce, laden with the most tender, sweet sofrito ever (I became a sofrito believer because of her). And while her bolognese is a labor of love, made with milk and slowly cooked for hours, it has never let me down (and to this day, is the dish I turn to when feeling under the weather and in need of some TLC). I will always refer to her recipes for delicious, flavorful, and precise recipes, and can't wait to cook them (and pass them along) to the next generation.

If you've never tried her Bolognese, I implore you to do so this week. You'll thank me.

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