Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Bottle of Wine

Vino is my go-to tippler of choice. I used to be a whites girl (Riesling, Vidal Blanc, Sauv Blanc, CA Chardonnays) but now am more of a big red girl (CA Cabs, GSM blends, Zinfandels...).

I know so many people -- really, gentlemen, I'm talking to you here -- who don't know there way around wine simply because beer, for a single guy, is often easier. And I'm not saying that's bad. But one way to impress the next lady you take out to dinner is know the basics around a wine list via what you're looking for. Know what words to use when engaging the sommelier in conversation.

I just came across this and love it. Tasting wine should be an adventure. Consider this the first tool to master use of for your toolbox.

A Beginner
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