Monday, June 28, 2010

Where oh where art thou?

I just returned yesterday from the most amazing two week sailing trip throughout the BVIs. I could go on for paragraphs detailing where we were, what we did, what we cooked and ate, and what we drank (yes, we were on vacation in the land of coconuts and rum. Need I say more?).

But, for now, I will say this. I have had my fair share of the most amazing cocktails (Painkillers, Pina Coladas, Wreck on the Rocks, and my favorite, the Bushwacker) over the past 2 weeks. Though my waistline does not reflect that fact (thank goodness!), I feel as though it is in my best interest to do a little "detox" before the rest of the summer rolls on.

What do I mean by detox? Eliminating processed foods, especially those with white sugar and white flour. And avoiding alcohol for a couple of days. And lots of water, cucumbers, and celery, as these foods help naturally boost your body's detox and water-retention reduction abilities.

And, normally I'd drink a Synergy kombucha every day or every other day to help mend my body. But, a couple of days after I set sail, news emerged that kombucha's are voluntarily being pulled from grocery shelves as the FDA looks into the alcohol content of these fermented beverages (I really do not taste the alcohol in them -- though apparently they can contain as much alcohol as a beer would. Hmm).

Here is an article from the NYTimes, and another from Huffington Post.

I'm looking more into this issue, and am crossing my fingers and toes that they appear back on grocery shelves soon!

What are your thoughts regarding kombucha?

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