Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I've Been Reading: October 2, 2011

Looking to start October with a clean start? Join in for the October Unprocessed 2011 Challenge

Ah, why my 7 mile run turned into a 9 miler on Saturday. At least I made it to my dinner party on time! 

What local delicacies to seek out and enjoy when traveling abroad. 

Yummy new breakfast idea! Quinoa, meet almond milk, fruit, and nuts. My new gluten-free, dairy-free, hearty, warm breakfast alternative.

What I'll be doing to rebuild my shoulder I hurt back in December - well, that and InForm.

How do you sleep in coach - or, do you sleep? The Times investigates (then please share a comment below to let me know what your secret is).

Wow. This diagnosis is interesting and amazing: People investigate one's mysterious illness.

Can Twitter track human mood changes? How our tweets reveal an inside look into our inner psyche.

Fresh burrata, from Vermont? I love Maplebrook - makes me wish I could eat dairy again! 

I've been craving pasta, especially with a kick - can't wait to try Lisa's recipe

I love this book already - and can't wait to make the mini margs! 

For 20 years, Murray's Cheese Shop in the Village has tempted us with cheeses in its windows on Bleecker Street - this month, their opening their five subterranean caves for exclusive tastings. Anyone want to go on the 28th?

These remind me of my birthday zuckertuten

Looking for a reason to party? Host a pancake breakfast party

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