Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Best Bite-Sized Appetizers and More Inspiration This Week

It's been a busy two weeks with birthdays, weddings, and more.

This will be my last link love sharing, as I'll be doing all the rest on Pinterest - Click here to follow my boards. (And you'll get to see all the lovely things that inspire me visually yourself!) Enjoy.

Blossom party. Do you really need an excuse to celebrate with flowers?

Wow. Run a marathon, then give birth?

How make green tomatoes turn red. Yes, RED.

Cheese or font? I love this game.

The Obama's hosted yet another flawless dinner this week. And here are 8 more of the most elaborate White House State Dinners. I'm kind of jealous of Lady Di.

Entertain with Spanish tapas, at home, via the one and only David Tanis.

Is making the perfect pie an art? My mom and Fritz Knipschildt would agree.

Dive into the lavish balls and masked soirees in history, like Truman Capote's Black and White Ball - here!

Love this new blog all about color.

Though I am no vegan (I need my steak. Yes, need), this looks delis. A delightful vegan dinner party menu.

Monarch butterflies - will they meet a significant challenge when they head to the now drought-stricken, barren land that is Texas? Scientists says yes. But is this what this once endangered species needs? No.

Healthy and delicious - I'd add a significant bunch of chicken sausage to add a hearty touch, then serve with brown rice. I can't wait to make this!

LOVE this magazine, love this video. Take me to the Loire....

Roasted salmon, with a pomegranate glaze, and a crispy almond crust? Gluten-free, healthy, and OH so delicious!

I'm still kicking myself I didn't make this party (stupid meeting) with the one and only talented Darcy Miller and delightfully talented Peter Callahan whom I interviewed here.

ACG, when can we go?

Roasted beets are transformed into something a bit more savory and much more unforgettable thanks to Melissa Clark. Click for the recipe.

A great idea for stress-free entertaining, but there are so many more things to remember. Plan ahead, make a list, and cheat when you can - nothing is store-bought when dressed up.

Foodfolio - very cool. Check it out!

Very cute alternative to traditional invitations.

One of my favorite plates in New York State. Stone Barns!

Homemade almond butter, via Morocco. Oh, reminds me of the good stuff my youngest sister brought back. YUM.

One of my FAVORITE blogs, and she's making one of my favorite breads via the town where my alma mater is. It's the best cookbook ever - Bakery Lane Soup Bowl - and sadly out of print.

Looking forward to getting my paws on Melissa Clark's new cookbook.

Stylish ideas for menus (and invites) via A Subtle Revelry.

Homemade sweet potato chips? Delish. Thanks S and L!

Ahh! The delightful dinner party I went to last weekend hosted by the one and only Kelley. L. Moore.

My mom's Christmas present. Oops. Maybe… (Hopefully she's not reading this). It's Amanda Hesser-approved!

And if pumpkin gnocchi aren't enough for you right now, try these cookies. 'Cause everything is better with pumpkin!

Make your own vanilla extract. I was recently gifted two Sri Lankan beans, and I just might have to do this!

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