Friday, April 8, 2011

Stylish and Summery Prosecco Cocktails

Well, there will be no cooking in my kitchen this weekend, as I'm in sunny and warm South Beach for a friend's wedding.

However, I'll be sure to take some pictures for you (especially for those of you stuck in somewhat chilly NYC/CT -- you know who you are!).

I won't leave you completely high and dry though. I'll be bringing the warm weather back with me (yup, sunny and 70 on Monday in NYC), so be sure to stock up on some sorbet and prosecco. Sarah and Lydia at Apples and Onions have just the thing to prepare the next time you're in need of a cool cocktail -- a sorbet-topped glass of prosecco.

Check it out for yourself on The Daily Meal. Be sure to leave your favorite flavor or prosecco mixer in the comments, too!

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