Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eat Your Colors

So where have I been? The past, oh, 4 months have been a blur. Like putting your life on fast-forward xx4? Yeah. Welcome to mine. Life really should come with a pause button.

While I have been cooking, there isn't anything wild and crazy you haven't seen yet... so I'm going through some of the posts I should have posted back, oh, WHEN I TOOK THESE SHOTS?!?! But there are times when you gotta hunker down and work hard.

So, this is the second installment in a series of "Remember When" food shots from when the grass was green and the temperatures were consistently above 30 degrees F. I had just ridden 60-70ish miles with a dear friend from Vermont to raise money for the Krempels Center for those who have suffered from brain trauma. We were so gung-ho on getting a beer (or two...) that by the time the ride was over, there was no more food! Armed with some chocolates, I decided to forget meandering around southern New Hampshire seeking food and beelined it home, where I promptly cleaned off all the road grime, poured myself a large glass of wine, some salty macadamias and apricots, then napped until dinner time.

This is what I awoke to, to go along with another much needed glass of wine. A brilliant salad, full of color. Cherry tomatoes. Avocadoes. Orange segments. Cucumber. Sweet red pepper. Leafy Boston lettuce and baby greens. And, of course, brilliantly purple edible flowers. Dressed with a light maple-champagne vinaigrette, it was the perfect thing to round out a busy day.

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