Sunday, August 1, 2010

Southwest Cafe 5K

So, let's just say it's been a rough weekend. Some not-quite-truth telling and deception. Needless to say, I'm riding this storm out quite well. I'm relieved and oh so very proud of myself. But it's not easy.

I've been thinking about my plans for next weekend. I need some serious TLC, some girl time. My dear friend Amanda (@BonVivantella) recently talked about a 5k run in her hometown. With margaritas involved... YES. Running and margaritas. Two of my most favorite things. And this invitation to join her is coming at the most divinely necessary moment in my life. Girl time, pool time, running races, and a margarita. Almost better than therapy.

So, I think I've decided what I'm up to next weekend. No, it's not my Little Compton retreat, but right now I need my girlfriends and some healthy competition. Ah, and a marg is the perfect cherry on top. Wish me luck!!!!!

Check out my friend's post here

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