Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring In New York

So, this past Wednesday, a co-worker and I left the office a little early to visit her friend's emporium of treasure troves. Kid you not - anything you ever dreamed of - antique-wise - may be here. My co-worker had some pieces she wanted to sell. Me? I've been lusting after simple yet elegant rings since last summer. My hope was to find one there.

Ilene's "store" was incredible!!!! It reminded me of the office of a former co-worker at Martha Stewart Living. All sorts of collectibles, objets d'art, and random "junk." I was warned that I wouldn't want to head in the room, as there was hardly room to move, but I was completely mesmerized by everything there. I kept thinking "What do I need? What do I want?"

Antiques, in a way, are as meaningful as locally sourced products - there is a story to be told and shared, and often these pieces are unique, made carefully and by hand. My two rings I purchased? Definitely. They remind me of the "Celebration" rings at a major jewelery vendor here in the city, but have a story (and are probably a quarter of the price!). My white gold and sapphire beauties didn't look that great in the poor florescent lights of the lobby, but when I stepped out onto the street...oh my...I was SO happy!!!!

Oh yeah - back to why I was posting. It was Wednesday. We were near Union Square. What does that mean? FARMER'S MARKET!!! I really don't know where this spring went. I used to visit every weekend, to check out the produce and see what delicious deals I could find (the bacon? Hawthorne Valley yogurt? The jam lady?). Thankfully, spring has sprung, so there was a plethora of spring produce: rhubarb, asparagus, morels, fiddleheads, lettuces...and of course, those hardy fruits and veggies like apples and potatoes that weather so well in the root cellar over the winter.

Though I didn't buy anything on Wednesday (um, cleaning out cupboards and had to attend a "meeting" at Dorrian's on the UES (oxymoronic much, huh?!), I was relieved when I saw Thursday that the farmer's market was back in my neighborhood on the UWS. Some spinach for dinner Friday with the last of my black bean salad, and a savory treat for a weekend meal.

Even when I don't purchase food, "shopping" for the "eye candy" at NYC's farmer's markets are one of my favorite things to do. Even just challenging myself to find some obscure vegetable and to "create" a dish in my head is entertaining. Spring in New York may be one of my favorite times to stroll these stalls...the vibrant colors, petite vegetables and delicate greens, and the excitement that this is just the beginning - there is so much more to come...

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