Sunday, May 15, 2011

Margarita Meets Violets - A New Favorite

Nothing screams warm weather happy hour more than an ice-cold margarita. It's one of my favorites, but this season, I've started to experiment with my version of the classic drink in an effort to find a new updated and unusual go-to combination. And lo be have it, I think I've found just the thing I've been looking for.

I started my research with the classic margarita -- made with 100% lime juice. Then, I went on to experiment with sweet and deep red blood orange juice. It made for a cocktail wonderful for easy sipping throughout the winter, but for spring, I wanted something more, well... flowery?

Then entered creme de violette. Four years ago, I discovered St-Germain, a delightfully sweet liqueur that is now one of my favorite go-tos for adding flavor and aroma to light-bodied white wines and proseccos. From the same family that makes St-Germain comes Creme Yvette, a retro violet-vanilla liqueur with a deep purple color. Sweet, slightly flowery, I thought it to be just the mixer for a margarita made with lemon juice to cut the sweetness. 

Made with the same technique as my classic margarita, this slightly-sweet, not too strong cocktail is just perfect for a cocktail hour beverage by the pool or a signature sipper to serve at your next soiree. 

1 part fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1 part Creme Yvette or another creme de violette liqueur
1 part tequila
Ice, for shaking
Lemon, for garnish

In a shaker or glass measuring cup, combine liquids and ice. Shake well until cool and ice is half melted. Strain into martini glass (served up) or into lowball with the ice. 

Serves two.

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