Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm back! And Perfecting Pasta...

It's been a long time since I last posted. It's bad. Especially since I work in the food industry. Needless to say, a LOT has happened. I started a new job (check out our site at The Daily Meal and contribute your comments, stories, recipes, and photos!), moved apartments (yay DUMBO!), launched a website (again, above) and am terminally unpacking/combining three "bedrooms" worth of stuff into one. Exhausted yet? Hopefully, I'll get into my new posting groove quickly.

I've been working on a story about pasta for The Daily Meal. More on that later...but to pique your interest, here are some photos from dinner the past two nights.

People who know me may know that I'm not really a fan of dried pasta. Why dried when I can get tender, fresh pasta? Or moist and creamy ravioli? But, I've been perfecting recipes made with dried pasta. Yeah. Pasta. Dried pasta.

I'm working on this piece about Einkorn. Crazy name, huh? It's pretty cool stuff. It is an ancient grain, once grown by man over 12,000 years ago. It is the only grain with a diploid structure (like most plants), so one male chromosome, one female chromosome, which left it unable to hybridize with other grains. Which, in my opinion, helped it (okay, so it has a low yield, and for mass farming, was not a choice crop) as the plant didn't lose nutrients like other grains with more chromosomes did. It's Protein packed, fiber packed. Just like whole wheat pasta. But einkorn is a LOT better. It's nuttier, a bit chewy, with a faint sweet taste. Plus, it is jam-packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. 


Sauteed beet greens with pasta, cream, goat cheese. Awaiting the final topping....

Beets from Pfaffenroth Gardens!

This is a keeper -- not sure if it was the farm fresh beets (and greens) from the market, or the fresh goat cheese from Coach Farm. Or the pasta... Click here for the recipe.

And the prior night's veggie-heavy sauce with my new favorite pasta -- einkorn!

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