Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Tuscany in Rhode Island (in March)...

My favorite salad of all time from my time spent in Tuscany this summer was a grilled Radicchio salad from a tiny place in San Casciano del Bagni. Grilled radicchio, amazing olive oil, syrupy sweet balsamico. And a hunk of fresh bread to finish it off. 

A couple of nights ago, I realized I had some radicchio (Treviso -- oblong not round) in the fridge. And my grill was already going to cook some sausages. Instead of a plain jane salad, why not grill some radicchio? Chop and toss with some cheese, a bit of mixed greens, some avocado slices and a simple dressing made with olive oil, balsamico, salt and pepper? So simple, so tasty. SO good.

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