Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raspberry Dreams - Recipe

Here is my recipe for raspberry jam!

5 cups crushed raspberries (don't puree - I leave some whole berries - they break down while cooking)
7 cups white sugar (do not play with this amount - it helps set the jam)
1 package Sure-Jell pectin

1. Make sure you have plenty of clean, dry glass jars. I use the 1 cup quilted crystal Ball jars, as well as the taller quilted crystal (2 cup?) and 3 cup (?) mason jars.
2. Place the bands and lids for the jars in a large pot, cover with water and bring to a boil. This is super important for making sure the jars are properly sealed and shelf-safe.
3. Crush the berries in a bowl and measure out 5 cups. About 3 pints of berries will be needed.
4. Put the berries and pectin in a saucepan (or stockpot - it's easier the first time as it get
s full when boiling) and bring to a full rolling boil under high heat while stirring (full rolling boil is a strong foamy boil that continues even as you stir - it takes a while, so be patient).
5. When it gets to a full rolling boil, I turn off the heat and quickly add my sugar, then turn the heat back on to high. Stir the sugar into the fruit constantly and bring back to a full rolling boil (be careful - it's a very strong and full, foamy boil!).
6. Cook the "jam" at a full rolling boil for one minute, and then turn off the heat.
7. Get the jars lined up in a row for processing. Take the bands out of the pot, and make sure you have tongs to take the dome lids out. I use a special jam funnel that fits around the jam jars, and pour the jam directly out of the saucepan into the jar (leaving 1/4" from the top). I have also used measuring cups to ladle the hot jam. Be VERY careful, as the liquid is supremely HOT!
8. Once a jar is filled, I quickly put a lid and then the band around the jar and tighten to secure, then I flip the jar upside down (this creates the seal). I then repeat with the rest of the jars and jam.
9. Once all jars are filled and sealed, I let them sit and cool for 10 minutes, then I flip them
right side up, checking to make sure the rings are tight and that the dome lids is securely fastened. Let cool completely, and check to make sure the dome lids do stay tight and secure.
10. Enjoy your jam!

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