Friday, April 2, 2010

A wonderful story of baking and friendship

My mom recently shared this story with me -- it's a short, yet delicious (in more ways than one!) story on the healing power of friendship. I love the way that the author, Dominique Browning, writes. She paints the perfect picture of the setting, without inundating you with too many details. She writes clearly, calmly, soothingly. Plus, tasty chocolate chip cookies wind their way into the tale.

This is one of my favorite excerpts:

"You will need. You will learn to say that you need. I had to practice saying it.
I need ice. I need a cool washcloth on my face.
There is no end to the need: I need to know that I am loved and cherished,
that there is gladness around the simple fact of my survival."

I couldn't resist not sharing it with you all. I can not wait for her new book, Slow Love, to be published this fall!

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lequincampe said...

Slow Love will actually be in bookstores in late April, early May!