Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Springing for a Picnic in the Park

I'm so excited that New York Restoration Project's Spring Picnic is only a week away!

It's NYRP's Eighth Annual "gala," this year to be held up in Fort Tryon Park, with cocktails at New Leaf Restaurant & Bar first! Bette hosts the event, and this year she will be joined by 50 Cent, well-known author and gardener Amy Goldman, Tim Gunn, Bruce Wilpon, Andre Leon Talley, Judy Gold, Dolly Parton, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

As a foodie and one who tries to live a "greenly," this event excites me because it combines good food, with smart eco-friendly elements. The decor, I hear, will be planted in NYRP's gardens after the event is over. Instead of paper cups, glass mason jars will be used, and instead of beer bottles, beer will flow from kegs. Waste will be minimized, while fun and flavor maximized.

Speaking of flavor, Bette knows what people want: comfort food. Cocktails will feature an array of brochettes and dipping sauces served from stations on New Leaf's terrace, as well as duck confit tacos, and New Leaf's signature veggie spring rolls. There will also be a signature cocktail, with possibly handmade herb infused liquors, in addition to wine and beer.

Dinner will be prepared and served under a tent nearby. Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke! Rumor has it there is applewood smoked chicken, pulled pork, ribs, cornbread, mac and cheese, peas and carrots...oh my! And, the Good Humor man is bringing dessert. Chocolate Eclair and Toasted Almond, anyone?

An evening not to be missed - will I see you there?

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